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NRP is an experienced partner to create, fill in the gaps, solve problems, and ensure successful execution.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Neon Rose Productions proudly serves cities and towns across the region and around the nation. Our commitment to excellence and creativity has made us a go-to partner for unforgettable experiences.

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Body of work

20+ years of festival, concert, & show production.

BrightFire Music & Arts Festival is a celebration of Life, Hope, and Renewal signifying the start of the summer months. BrightFire was created to be an engaging present-day community-relevant experience based on ancient practices, traditions, science, and lore of Beltane. We hosted 3,000 guests on a historic 200-acre nature preserve & county park where they enjoyed a fun evening of music, dance, fire performances, Art Market, delicious food options, various on-site adventures and activities curated specifically for the festival, and so many incredible people sharing what they are passionate about. An imaginative Sunset fire-lighting ceremony premiered an immersive and inspiring setting of music, movement, and fire artistry. A magical festival experience for all ages!

Nominated: “Best In-State Festival” by Queen City Nerve readers (2022)

An original show, Your Neighborhood Orchestra. In a world of 7-billion strong, our existence depends on our ability to transcend… An astronaut’s voyage to outer space during the Space Race (1963), “Lost In Space” is an immersive Sci-Fi Bio-Mystery with genre-bending orchestra, crafted beats, and spoken word artistry. Produced by Elizabeth Kowalski, ft. RoyalCity Lif, Master Kie.

Award: Best Show in Charlotte, Critic’s Pick (Queen City Nerve, Nov 2022)

An extraordinary night-sky viewing + concert experience. This festival does not fit in an annual box and only occurs when the stars align. It is a red-light-only event for optimal night vision and the local astronomy club brings out high-powered telescopes. There were science experiments for children, and people were surrounded by science and art. This particular one (Nov. 2021) was the best planet-gazing weekend in years and people got to see Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus up-close with onsite telescopes.

Award: Best New Music Event (Aug 2021, Queen City Nerve’s Best in the Nest Awards)

A professional multi-genre orchestra based in Charlotte, NC ranging from 10-40 pieces + dance & cirque. As they craft new productions and concert experiences, they aim to bring innovative art to the people in new and exciting ways to uplift, unite, and inspire.


For 10 years, CNMF has been an internationally attended festival for contemporary classical music that also maintains a development lab for Music Composers, Music Technology, & Dance.

Attendees have come from every continent (except Antarctica) to participate in the labs and experiences offered here.

If you are interested in hosting this festival, we are open to venue and location partnership ideas.


Friday, Nov 17: During the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower, an unparalleled evening with a stellar music lineup, silent disco, telescopes by PARI & UNCC, & night-sky viewing on 20 acres in East Charlotte.

Cosmic RPG Experience:

Theatrical RPG game where the audience can help the Cosmic Beings fix their spaceship and solve the mysteries of why they are there. In a sort of scavenger hunt embedded into the festival, the storyline unfolds during the festival and guests interact with the Cosmic Beings from afar. They start to realize that we’re not that different.

This collaboration is a partnership between NRP, FullTime Geeks, & Game Designers of NC.



For over twenty years, we deliver memorable artistic experiences that move, inspire, intrigue, and entertain. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, international music artists, schools, statewide and international governments, local to national businesses, and nonprofit organizations while leading diverse cross-functional teams of up to 180 people, aligning all efforts towards a common goal (virtually and in-person).

We bring people together from all ages and walks of life as we create more of what the world needs and foster meaningful connections with audiences. Our work is regularly featured in local and statewide news publications and often awarded for innovative high-level presentations.

We can work with you on your project as a consultant, curator, project manager, producer, or we can supply a team or pull from our vast network of trusted collaborators across a wide variety of fields, backgrounds, disciplines, and skillsets to create, augment, or support amazing experiences.

Considering the audience, purpose, assets, place, team, and solutions, we can build something that people are proud to be a part of and will talk about for a long time.

Founder / Producer

A bold visionary and award-winning producer, Elizabeth Kowalski is a innovator in the realms of entertainment and the arts. Following the call since a young age led her on a journey to assume multifaceted roles as a leader, promoter, producer, experiential designer, curator, and music artist, consistently breaking new ground.

Kowalski’s independent festivals & productions specialize in creating incredible experiences and spaces that explore & promote art, science, and passion - what she believes the world needs most.


Leading from love and empathy, Elizabeth’s process is built from a deep lifetime knowledge of the industry and musical craft. Centered on teamwork and efficient systems to consistently surpass expectations while facilitating and leveraging collective strengths. She excels in forging interdisciplinary connections – orchestrating memorable, engaging, and imaginative experiences for clients, collaborators, and audiences from every continent. Her approach captivates and adds significant value at every step.

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Piano Performance)

UNC-Charlotte, North Carolina

Concentration: Piano, Music Theory, Music Therapy, Spanish

Master of Music, Music Composition

UNC-Greensboro, North Carolina

Specialization: Music Composition, Orchestration / Arranging, Live & Studio Production

Board Member

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Mayor-appointed

Educational Background


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“Best Local Show”

Best in the Nest Awards

Queen City Nerve

Lost In Space”


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Best in-state Festival

Queen City Nerve

BrightFire Music & Arts Festival (2022)

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Distinguished Alumni of the year


Founder Elizabeth K


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Best In the Nest

“Best New Music Event”

Stargazer Music Festival


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Vanishing Souls|Falling Embers (2012)

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3rd Prize

National MTNA

“Moon Garden”



Jason Neukom

Violinist in Beo String Quartet (Pittsburgh, PA)

Elizabeth Kowalski is one of the most ambitious, visionary, and hard-working people that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. I don't think the word "impossible" is in her vocabulary, as she continually proves people wrong when that's the answer she’s given.

Shawn Smith

Director of Bands, Brigham Young University

Elizabeth is a true musical innovator. She possesses the rare combination of vision and the drive to actually bring that vision to life. Her work, connecting musicians and audiences from many varied genres and walks of life, is both creative and inspiring!


Lawrence Fields

Music Artist, NYC (Chief Adjuah, Joe Lovano)

Elizabeth’s creativity, passion, dedication and loving spirit form a rare combination that makes her work unique. She brings individuality and soul to the events that she creates and produces, and I had a fantastic time performing at the Stargazer festival in Charlotte, NC.

Kari Giles

Assistant Concertmaster

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

What I love about working with Elizabeth Kowalski is the she dreams BIG! I know when I sign on to do a show with her it will be an adventure full of friendship, creative and magical details, and fabulous, genre-melding music.

Diana Wade

Violist, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Elizabeth creates environments where artists feel fully empowered to go for their biggest and craziest ideas. She is supportive, enthusiastic, and a fierce organizer.

Zachary Johnson

Veteran / Owner, Third Eye Coffee

From the ground up, Neon Rose Productions delivers the ultimate festival experience through experience design, targeted marketing, infrastructure, and an extensive network of industry professionals. In the current state of poorly run corporate festivals, Neon Rose Productions is set to dominate the festival space with an authentic guest-first mentality and breath of fresh air in the creativity department.


Arlynn Zachary

Artistic Director, The Mark Dance Company

I have worked very closely with Ms. Kowalski on a variety of projects. In my time working with her, I have found her to be dedicated, driven by excellence in her craft, and of exceptional character. She is a bold leader, someone who has great vision and a passion for elevating the fine arts experience for both the performer and the audience. She has a heart for bringing professional artists together and fostering rich relationships to strengthen the arts within local, national, and international communities. She is a remarkable producer, director, administrator, musician, conductor, collaborator, promotor, and arts activist. Any arts community she becomes involved with will benefit greatly from her work.

Charles Nichols

Virginia Tech, School of Performing Arts

Elizabeth Kowalski is a force of nature. When she identifies a need in her community, she inspires people, gathers resources, and creates an organization. From the genre-bending Your Neighborhood Orchestra to her internationally renowned Charlotte New Music Festival, she has served local musicians, national ensembles, and international artists and audiences, through her vision, entrepreneurship, and talent, changing lives in the process, for over a decade.

Ryne Siesky


Elizabeth Kowalski proves to be a master at tearing down barriers. At Charlotte New Music, Kowalski continues to foster immersive and innovative musical experiences under her artistic direction.

Scott McLaughlin

Media Composer/Producer

Elizabeth is a dynamic collaborator, serving as a composer, musician, and co-conceptualizer during our close collaborations. Her unique blend of talent, unwavering work ethic, deep passion, genuine compassion, and a determined "get it done" attitude sets her apart. Beyond her impressive musical abilities, Elizabeth is a big-picture thinker who fearlessly delves into myriad details. In essence, she is a force of nature, leaving an indelible mark on any project she undertakes.

Erin Rogers

Music Artist, Hypercube (NYC)

Elizabeth Kowalski is a fearless leader who makes things happen. It’s rare to find an entrepreneur in our field that embodies both the qualities of competence and personability, but Kowalski’s talent for planning, alongside her approachability and easy-to-work-with attitude takes stress out of the equation when it comes to project management. She is excellent at what she does. Hypercube has worked with Kowalski on multiple projects. With a knack for resource development and effective team-building skills, she set Hypercube on a path to success. Our first conference exceeded expectations in the number of applications, effectiveness of planned sessions, and execution. With Kowalski’s guidance, the ensemble was able to carry the CubeLab model forward on its own. Whether working with professional artists, students, institutions, donors, corporate venues, or community groups, Kowalski is skilled in person-to-person communication and in finding the right resource for the situation. During the pandemic, she was able to transition the Charlotte New Music Festival to an online platform in a matter of weeks, identifying ideal platforms and delegating the right amount of time, help, and resources for the tasks-at-hand, so that participants received a strong experience despite participating remotely. These accomplishments have amounted to a career’s worth of experience for Kowalski, who has developed a handbook on how to run an international festival. She has gathered the experience necessary to predict both the opportunities and pitfalls of any project, and has garnered respect and admiration of a large network colleagues in her field. Despite these accolades, Elizabeth Kowalski is still incredibly imaginative and proactive with her work, always looking for the next project and never afraid to dive in.